Dealing With Broken Asphalt?

Dealing With Broken Asphalt?

Arrange for asphalt patching services in the Bixby or Tulsa, OK area

Paved surfaces are valuable investments, and routine maintenance is essential for their long-term durability. If you have potholes or a worn-out surface that requires attention, CW Asphalt Paving can help. We perform asphalt patching in the Bixby and Tulsa, OK areas.

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Prolong the life of your pavement

You can get asphalt repair services from us to fix your worn, damaged pavement. Your asphalt will become stronger through improved:

  • Water resistance: our specially selected sealant prevents water from flowing into the cracks
  • Erosion control: less water permeation means slower erosion of the pavement
  • Foreign material protection: fewer foreign materials will be able to find their way into cracks and expand

We take on repair jobs of any size. Call us now at (918) 264-1499 to make an asphalt patching appointment.