Want Long-Lasting Pavement?

Want Long-Lasting Pavement?

Ask about asphalt sealcoating services in the Bixby & Tulsa, OK areas

As time goes on, scorching sun, cold temperatures and water will start to break down your paved surfaces. Improperly sealed surfaces are especially vulnerable to erosion and breakage. You can prolong the life of your pavement with asphalt sealcoating services from CW Asphalt Paving.

Our sealant will protect your asphalt from eroding elements like:

  • Oil
  • Water
  • Ultraviolet light

We use a scientifically formulated sealcoat that will help your pavement withstand harsh weather and heavy traffic. Contact us today to learn more about our sealcoating company in Bixby and Tulsa, OK.

Why is sealcoating so important?

Once liquids and debris get into your pavement, the damage is done. Asphalt sealcoating will prevent the initial penetration and to help prevent damage and costly repairs. You can count on us to maintain the look and integrity of your paved surfaces. Call us now at (918) 264-1499 to team up with our sealcoating company.